Name Nicknames Focus Alignment
Dyaster Sky Father Sun, Wind, Thunder, Law Lawful Good
Tornos ?? War, Strength Unaligned
Westra The Mother Fire, Hearth, Protection Lawful Good
Praveti ?? Love, Birth, Fertility Good
Welnos The Shepherd Protection, Death Unaligned
Morrigan The Phantom Queen War, Power, Law, Death Unaligned
Llewdonagh Lord of Talents Skill, Craft, Travel, Music, Learning Good


Name Nicknames Focus Alignment
Aruboros Great Serpent Earth, renewal, prophesy Unaligned
Viridios Green Man Life, Plants Good
Mab The Winter Queen Dreams,Cold, Evil
Alberik ?? ?? Unaligned
Lewanni ?? Grasslands, rivers Good


Twilight of Alirium Amergin Amergin