Twilight of Alirium

Broken Trail Game Two

The Trail Continues


Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town

The four wake in the morning: soggy, cold, dirty, and torn from miles of thorns and briers. The wizard Cassian comes to the conclusion that the journey was not for him, and begins the long slog back to Duncastle. Seeing that the party is awake, the elves hail them, offering their help in destroying the bandits. They produce this aid in the person of a young human named Croft.

Onward and Upward

After introductions are made, the four continue their trek north, following the creek bed. They continue north past the westward bend of the creek, as directed by the elves, and meet with an old overgrown path. Turning onto this path, they soon find the ruin of a large building before them. They skirt the southern side of the abandoned monastery, finding the path to the hidden western entrance.

Valkri and Tryn scout ahead, and spot a guard posted at a cave entrance. They hurry into battle, trying to eliminate the guard before he can raise an alarm. He quickly retreats back into the cave, and lets loose a pack of dogs. The party makes quick work of the dogs, and are sprinting after the guard when the cliff face above them begins to give way. They all manage to make it into the cave before being crushed by rocks, and take down the two guards they find there.

The Plot Thickens

They carefully make their way deeper into the monastery, coming to a large debris filled central chamber. They spot another bandit peering at them around a door, and charge after him. They find themselves face to face with two bandit guards, and a robed man who can only be Rithras.

The bandit leader hurls a clay pot at Tryn, which bursts on the ground. With a smell of musty earth and rotting meat, two skeletons rise before her. The four adventurers are hard pressed, but manage to defeat their opponents.

On Rithras, they find an amulet with a series of squiggly lines branching from its center. Croft, much to his distress, recognizes it as the symbol of an ancient being from the Far Realms, but is not sure which. In a desk, they find a letter from Rithras’ master stressing the importance of keeping traffic from heading to Winterhaven, which is signed only with a “K”.

Go West Young Men (and Woman)

The party returns to Duncastle, and they receive their payment. Since they have decided to journey to Winterhaven to track down whoever is behind the bandit problem, much of that payment is reinvested in horses for the journey. They are dismayed as they leave town to spot a sign listing Winterhaven as being 250 miles away.


Amergin Leadfeather

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