Twilight of Alirium

Broken Trail Game One

Into the Wild


It Starts in a Tavern

The mood in the crossroads town of Duncastle was tense. A motley group of adventurers and men-at-arms gathered for a chance at a lucrative guard position in a major caravan, which was several days overdue. Most of them had gathered to while away the hours waiting for the caravan to arrive in the local tavern.

A scream from the street drew the occupants from the alehouse. They found Mrs. Weaver trying to revive the arrow-pierced Williams boy who had been carried into town on a horse. Only four of the candidates seemed willing to investigate further. Valkyri convinced a village elder to offer 200gp for them to take care of the problem.

The First Test

They made their way south to the Williams farm, to find Mrs. Williams and her daughter taken hostage, and Mr. Williams killed. The four made short work of the human and goblin bandits who had taken the house, while keeping a goblin alive for later questioning. Mrs. Williams gave them an heirloom set of Dwarven Chainmail in thanks for the rescue.

From evidence on the bandits, the heroes were able to determine that they had come from an abandoned monastery to the northwest. After questioning the survivor, they learned that, Rithras, the leader of the bandits had been charged by his master to harass caravans heading toward a town called Winterhaven. The next day they set off for the bandit hideout.


In the morning twilight they were ambushed by elves. Rintrah and Tryn were almost killed in the battle, but Valkyri and Cassian held the attackers off until they gave in. They learned that their path crossed elven lands, and the bandits had already killed seven in their own journeys. In apology for the mistaken attack, they gave the heroes a gift of an Amulet of Health.


Amergin Amergin

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